National Council of Women of Uruguay

The National Council of Women was founded on September 30 of 1916. It was originally presided by Dr. Paulina Luisi, who affirmed that uruguayan women were the first South American women to form an organized group for women's suffrage, and the first to apporach public officers on the subject. It is fair to recognize, and so did the women of the Council, that there had already been laws passed and projects presented. Paulina Luisi wrote - in a stupendous article about "Feminism" - in the Council's magazine, "Acción Femenina" (Feminine Action);

"Our Council has found, in the spirit of all cultured people, vast and favorable support. Particularly those who have traveled abroad and seen other civilizations, those who have seen the forward march of culture in Europe and North America, have had for us nothing but words of praise and support.

The National Council of Women of Uruguay is affiliated to

Conseil International des Femmes (ICW-CIF)

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